Romantic Sunset & Stargazing with Telescope at Teide Park by Night

Don’t miss an opportunity to experience the most breathtaking sunset over the clouds while in Tenerife! Join this small group stargazing experience with professional astronomers and see the night sky like never before! Star Safari at Teide by night is a perfect adventure for everyone.

Duration: 5 hours

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  • Romantic Sunset & Stargazing with Telescope at Teide Park by Night

    An unforgettable experience and chance to see the Universe like never before! Tenerife is one of the best astro tourism destination in the world and once here, stargazing is a must do activity!

    Enjoy the night sky at Teide National Park with the best team of professional and internationally certified astronomers, with the use of telescopes, astronomical lasers and astrophotography equipment.

    You'll be picked up directly from your hotel in a comfortable and air-conditioned minibus to enjoy an authentic meal at the traditional Canarian restaurant on our way up to the mountain of Teide. Afterwards, we will go above the clouds (or as we call it “Sea of Clouds”) to enjoy a truly beautiful sunset with a chilled glass of sparkling wine.

    We will stop at the lava fields in the National Park of Teide, where is one of the best viewpoints of the mountain overlooking the three islands of La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro above the clouds. 

    After the sunset get ready to see the night sky like never before! Discover planets of our Solar System, nebulas, clusters, distant galaxies and much more with our powerful telescope. All set against the backdrop of prehistoric rock formations and Teide Volcano itself.

    You will be guided through the constellations of the night sky by our expert astronomy guides using lasers and telescope, while learning a science and mythology behind the stars.

    Knowledgable guides will explain the observations to you, tell you amazing stories and facts about our Universe as well as show you how to take breathtaking astro pictures with your camera and even a cell phone through our telescopes.

    We specialise in small group experiences, where you will spend more time enjoying the activity and less time travelling. Normally we have up to 16 persons (in two separate minibuses) divided in two small groups up to 8 persons, each one with a guide for a group.

    Unlike other tours, we provide a very powerful telescope and give you plenty of time with it to observe the planets and deep sky objects that are visible in the sky particular night. Don’t settle for a tour without a telescope (f.e. using just binoculars) or one where you have to queue with a big bus group of others for a quick look.

    Our telescope is powerful enough to show you the rings of Saturn, clouds on Jupiter, nebulae, star clusters, beautiful and colourful double stars and a host of galaxies many millions of light years away.

    Please dress accordingly, as the temperature at night at Teide can drop up to zero degrees of Celsius. Winter jackets and blankets are available to keep you warm.

    After the amazing night, you’ll get pictures free of charge!

    Interested only in the stargazing activity? Skip the meal and join us for the sunset and stargazing part by following our minibus with your own vehicle. When booking select a second variation. Please contact us after the booking to arrange a meeting point and time. Duration: 2-3 hours.

    Mountain Teide and Teide National Park
    Teide, the highest peak of the whole of Atlantic, is recognised world-wide as one of the very best locations in the world for astronomy. The sky of Tenerife is one of the clearest competing only with Hawaii and Atacama desert in Chile, and the altitude of the crater of Teide guarantees getting higher than the clouds.

    We are blessed with a climate that keeps the clouds low down, meaning the higher areas are almost always cloud free and we rarely miss a celestial event, a stargazer’s dream!

    Let your inner astronomer enjoy astrophysics, astronomy, the sunset and stars like never before during this Tenerife astronomy tour in the magical Teide National Park, whose pure and clear sky allows you to see 83 out of the 88 officially recognised constellations.

    The cleanest, clearest skies in Europe
    The Canary Islands are recognised on an international level for the exceptional conditions in which to observe the stars. The quality of the sky is such that it is protected by the Law for the Astronomical Quality of the IAC Observatories and has the privilege of having three Starlight Reserves, a hallmark that confirms the low level of light pollution in the area.

    No aircraft can fly over the area and there is no light pollution – the altitude provides optimum conditions to study the sky.

    Did you know that there are approximately four hundred thousand million stars in our galaxy? It is an impressive figure. Almost as astonishing as the number of stars that make up the Milky Way: about a hundred thousand million.

    According to the International Astronomical Union, every night the sky presents 88 constellations which transport us immediately back to the ancient times when different civilisations, who relied on the constellations to guide their travels and used them to develop their religious and agricultural calendars, had the powerful imagination to name the constellations after what their shape reminded them of.

    At Tenerife, 83 of the 88 officially recognised constellations can be seen.

    Throughout the year, the sky offers us various celestial shows that you cannot miss when visiting Tenerife, as Teide National Park become the best amphitheatre to sit back and enjoy breathtaking stargazing.

    Some of the most spectacular stellar phenomena take the form of meteor showers. Perhaps the best known for being the year’s last, and of high intensity, is the Geminid meteor shower, though the sky treats us to meteor showers almost every month: the Quadrantids in January and the Perseids in August are just some of the various meteor showers that occur throughout the year.

    During summer time you will see two main protagonists: the Milky Way and the Summer Triangle.

    The Milky Way is a spectacular misty band that crosses the sky and is especially visible during the summer months, whilst the Summer Triangle is a unique formation of three bright stars which, in the summer, reign over the top part of the sky.

    Departure information

    Departure: Every day (except Mondays).
    Pickup time: 2 hours before the Sunset. Once booked, we will get back to you regarding the pickup time.
    Duration: 5 hours.

  • Tour Important Info

    Transfer: Pick-up service from your hotel or accommodation in Tenerife is included in the price only from the south of Tenerife between Los Gigantes and El Medano and all places in between. When booking, please provide on the comments section the name and address of your hotel/accommodation and your contact phone (preferably the one with WhatsApp), so we could contact you regarding the pickup time.

    If you are booking from the north of Tenerife, you can join our tour as well by following our minibus with your own vehicle. Please contact us after the booking to arrange a meeting point and time.

    Food: If you are vegetarian or have dietary requirements, please provide this information on the comments section while booking.

    Clothing: Dress appropriately for cold temperatures and wear comfortable shoes.

    WARNING: We go 1900 meters up, so please do not dive on the day of the tour, and if you are pregnant, please consult with your doctor first.

    Terms and Conditions

    Payment: You do not need a credit card to book this tour. Once you will make a booking online, you will get a booking confirmation/voucher to your email. You will pay all the amount for the tour, on the tour day.

    Cancelation: You can cancel the tour one week before the tour date. In order to cancel the tour, please send us an email to

    Children and infants: Children up to 12 years - 40% discount. Infants up to 3 years old - for free, must sit on the lap.

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