Private Athens City Tour by Luxury Minibus (Half Day)

This half day city tour is an ideal opportunity to visit main attractions of Athens with a private English speaking guide. The luxury minibus will be only for you, no other tourists at the same time.

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  • Private Athens City Tour by Luxury Minibus (Half Day)

    On this trip we suggest you to visit:
    Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Archeological Museum, Temple of Zeus and Old Olympic Stadium. Also, a stop at the Flea Market and the area of Plaka (old Athens city center).

    Since it is a private tour, we can make slight changes for the program and departure time. If you wish to do so, please contact us by the email

    The Acropolis is the eternal symbol of the city of Athens and any tour of Athens must include it. Having been the citadel of the ancient city and later having evolved to the religious center, it has always been located in the heart of the city, from antiquity until today and the view from it is the greatest testimony to that.

    Once you are up, you may admire the actual monuments, namely the Parthenon, the most important of all, dedicated to the virgin goddess Athena, protector of the city, the Erechtheion, dedicated to the mythical King of Athens Erectheas who sacrificed his daughter in order to save the city according to the myth, the Propylaia (not a temple, rather a monumental entrance) and a tiny temple of Athena Nike (victorious Athena).

    Looking down from the Acropolis, in the southern direction you will see the two theatres, the Theatre of Dionysos, first ever to be built, and the Herodion Odeon, built in the Roman times, still in use today.

    The hill opposite the Acropolis, named Pnyx, is the actual birthplace of democracy, a plateau where up to 10000 free citizens would gather, discuss and vote on any matter concerning the city.

    In the western direction, you will have a view of the Ancient Agora, the commercial as well as administrative center of the ancient city.

    Going up on the Acropolis is roughly a 10 min walk uphill. About 5 min from the parking lot to the entrance and another 5 min until you reach the top. Walking shoes and a hat are recommended, starting early is preferable in the summertime to beat the crowds and to avoid the hot sun.

    Since its inauguration in 2009, the Acropolis Museum has been the most popular Museum in Athens, being located right in front of the Acropolis. The last floor is exactly parallel to the Parthenon which can be viewed right outside the window and houses the Parthenon marbles, a few originals and copies of the rest being held at the British Museum, in the exact same order as they where on the frieze of the Parthenon.

    As opposed to exhibiting findings only from the Acropolis area in the Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, one of the most important archaeological museums in the world, houses findings from all the Ancient Greek world.

    After Acropolis, Acropolis Museum and National Archaeological Museum, we will continue our tour to the Temple of Zeus. Once the largest temple in all Greek antiquity, completed in the Roman era with funds provided by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, therefore the monumental arch, Hadrian's Gate, built in front of the Temple, a landmark for the city of Athens.

    The old Olympic Stadium is nearby. Called Panathinaic in the ancient times because it was used for the games in honor of goddess Athena, it lacked seats for the spectators, as does the ancient Olympic Stadium in Ancient Olympia. It was completely rebuilt of marble for the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and nowadays it is also called Kallimarmaro (beautiful marble). Serves as the place where the Olympic Flame is delivered to the organizing city of the Olympic Games and as the ending of the Athens Classical Marathon.

    On the way to the Presidential Palace we will also pass the Lykeion, the place where Aristotle gave his lectures. At the Presidential Palace, the changing of the Presidential guard is always a funny spectacle, we will try to catch it either in front of the President's Palace or in front of the Parliament, on the other side of the National Garden, at Syntagma (Constitution) Square.

    Driving down Panepistimiou str., you will have a chance to take a look at the Iliou Melathron, house of Heinrich Schliemann and nowadays the Numismatic Museum and the famous trilogy of Athens, comprising of the Academy, the University and the National Library, typical examples of the neoclassical style of the mid 19th century.

    Plaka, the old town under the Acropolis, is best appreciated on foot, but a short drive through it offers a first impression and a sense of orientation in the labyrinth of narrow streets. Once we are here, you are free to decide if you wish to have a free time scrolling ancient monuments, traditional tavernas and dozens of souvenirs shops at Plaka, or to have a look at flea market at Monastiraki square.

    If you wish we can change a program and to visit other important museums instead, f.e. Byzantine and Christian Museum, the Cycladic Art Museum (referring to the pre-historic Cycladic civilization) and the Benaki museum, a private collection spanning all periods of Greek history.

    Depending on the time, we may drive up to Lycabettus hill, for a breathtaking view of Athens, including the Acropolis, as it is higher than the sacred hill. And maybe also a visit to the modern Olympic Stadium (10 km north).

  • Tour Important Info

    Departure: Every Day at 08:00.
    Return: 12:00.

    Terms and Conditions

    Payment: You do not need a credit card to book this tour. Once you will make a booking online, you will get a booking confirmation/voucher to your email. Please have it printed or show it on your mobile phone. You will pay all the amount for the tour, on the tour day.

    Cancelation: You can cancel the tour one week before the tour date. In order to cancel the tour, please send us an email to

    Tour conditions: The food and entrance fees are not included in price. 

    Transfer from your hotel and back is included in the price. When booking, please write on the comments section your hotel's name, and we will come to pick you up from there. 

    This is a private tour for up to 7 persons. 


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