Guided Acropolis Tour by Segway

Visit Athens Acropolis like never before! Discover its rich ancient history and legends with a private English speaking guide in an unforgettable and relaxed way by Segway. 

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  • Guided Acropolis Tour by Segway

    Segway tours focus on 3 main aspects:
    More in less time – our tours are flexible to stop, whenever and wherever you like (to take pictures etc.) while you get to visit all the important sites in just a couple of hours.
    Less effort - there is no walk and little physical involvement while our routes take place 95% in pedestrian areas and very low traffic streets.
    More fun – riding a Segway is like sliding above the ground, you get a totally different feeling of movement.

    On this trip we will visit:
    Herodotus Atticus Odeon: Ancient theatre that stages art festivals (concerts, drama) in the framework of Athens festival.
    Pnyx: birthplace of Democracy.
    Keramikos: ancient cemetery of Athens.
    Ancient Agora (market): the cultural and commercial center of ancient Athens.
    Roman Agora: administrative and commercial centre of the city in the 2nd century.
    Monastiraki: flea market and hot spot.
    Plaka: full of natives, many eating and drinking spots.
    Also: New Acropolis Museum, Mars Hill, Temple of Hephaestus, Thission, Hadrian's Library, The tower of the winds, and much more.

    The Acropolis is the eternal symbol of the city of Athens and any tour of Athens must include it. Having been the citadel of the ancient city and later having evolved to the religious center, it has always been located in the heart of the city, from antiquity until today and the view from it is the greatest testimony to that.

    Once you are up, you may admire the actual monuments, namely the Parthenon, the most important of all, dedicated to the virgin goddess Athena, protector of the city, the Erechtheion, dedicated to the mythical King of Athens Erectheas who sacrificed his daughter in order to save the city according to the myth, the Propylaia (not a temple, rather a monumental entrance) and a tiny temple of Athena Nike (victorious Athena).

    Looking down from the Acropolis, in the southern direction you will see the two theatres, the Theatre of Dionysos, first ever to be built, and the Herodion Odeon, built in the Roman times, still in use today. 

    The hill opposite the Acropolis, named Pnyx, is the actual birthplace of democracy, a plateau where up to 10000 free citizens would gather, discuss and vote on any matter concerning the city.

    In the western direction, you will have a view of the Ancient Agora, the commercial as well as administrative center of the ancient city.

    About Segway:
    Riding a Segway is similar to riding a bike - it's intuitive but not inherent. The Segway is a self-balancing, personal means of transport designed to go anywhere people go. It is not a motorbike, it is not a bicycle. It’s a category of its own. Easy to use and operate, the two-wheeled Segway has 5 gyroscopes that monitor your balance 100 times a second and automatically respond to your body's movements. To move forward, the rider simply leans forward. To stop or move backwards, the rider leans back slightly. The rider glides smoothly as the Segway senses wherever he/she wants to go. It runs on batteries that can last up to approximately 35 Km.

    You don’t need to have a license to ride the Segway. All Segway riders are obligated to attend an informative session and go through a training in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Riders are trained on safe Segway operation and emergency stops with their escorts until they feel comfortable to use the Segway. Riders will be required to wear a helmet in most locations.

    The Segway has a top speed of 12.5 miles or 20 klm per hour. All of our tours operate mostly on pedestrian areas so the half of the maximum speed works well. Riding times vary with hills, rider's weight, battery type and speed. Segway has key settings that limit reaching top speed. Each location on the tour determines the appropriate top speed for its local route and conditions. Many times when we are passing by crowded streets in the city center, speed is reduced for a relaxed cruise and safety. There are also wide areas that we can go with max speed.


  • Tour Important Info

    Departure: Every Day at 10:00.
    Return: 12:00.

    Terms and Conditions

    Payment: You do not need a credit card to book this tour. Once you will make a booking online, you will get a booking confirmation/voucher to your email. Please have it printed or show it on your mobile phone. You will pay all the amount for the tour, on the tour day.

    Cancelation: You can cancel the tour one week before the tour date. In order to cancel the tour, please send us an email to

    Tour conditions:  Segway is not an ideal way of touring for people with mobility issues. All guests must be able to step on and off the Segway easily and quickly without any assistance, which requires physical abilities similar to climbing and descending stairs (without assistance or use of a handrail).

    Segway riding is not recommended for pregnant women. Unfortunately, pregnant women will not be allowed to participate in this tour.

    Safety is very important for us: all guests must be 16 years old or above and weight between 100 and 250 pounds (46 to 113 kilos). If you book a tour and any of your guests do not meet the criteria of minimum age / weight they will not be allowed on the tour and you will not be given a refund.

    In the price is included:
    - English speaking tour guide
    - Helmet
    - Segway safety briefing

    In the price it is NOT INCLUDED:
    - Entrance fees
    - Hotel pickup and drop-off
    - Food and drinks

    Children and infants: We allow kids 16 years old and above only with their parents’ permission. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or a guardian.

    Bus transfer to the meeting point is not included in the price. You can come to the meeting point by yourself, or we can pick you up for extra cost - from 5€ to 20€ per person (both ways) depending on the distance from the meeting point to your hotel.

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