Wine Tasting in Embonas with Romantic Sunset at Monolithos (Private)

Book a romantic getaway with your loved one: tasting local wine, olive oil and honey. In the evening enjoy a romantic date at Monolithos castle with a breathtaking sunset and the view from the top of the mountain. Price for up to 4 persons (split among 4 p.: 100€ pp).

Departure: 14:00.     Return: 21:00.

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  • Wine Tasting in Embonas with Romantic Sunset at Monolithos (Private)

    Don't miss the opportunity to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in your life! The view from the top of the mountain is breathtaking and Monolithos is a really special place.

    The castle was built around 1480 by the Knights of St. John and it is certainly an impressive sight. The structure of the enormous rock is breathtaking by itself and it evokes its name perfectly - Monolithos (Lonely Rock). The fortress at Monolithos came under attack many times but no one ever were able to conquer it.

    In old times, this castle was considered one of the four most powerful fortresses on the island, but today only the external walls fortifications remain. Inside the perimeter of the walls there are two 15th century chapels, St. Panteleimon and St. George. Looking around the ruins it is easy to notice that the castle was actually built on the foundations of another, older castle.

    But it’s not for the ruins or even the beautiful whitewashed churches you should climb there – it’s the breathtaking view that looks over the sea and the numerous islets off the western coast, the mountain of Akramytis and innumerable hills, as well as the village of Monolithos below. As a visitor once said: “In Greece, you know, the landscape often gives you a sense of the presence of Gods. The site of Monolithos is certainly one of these”.

    We will stay there for the romantic sunset, which we believe is even more spectacular than in Santorini!

    But before the sunset, we are going to visit local wineries in Embonas village for wine, olive oil and honey tasting! Embonas village is famous for the big amount of vineyards and unbelievably good wine. For our stop there you will be able to see a small traditional house of Embonas and to have a feeling how the people of the village used to live many years ago.

    Ever wonder how “souma” drink is made? We are going to show you the distillery where locals are producing it, you will taste this drink together with different kinds of honey, olive oil and BIG amounts of incredible good local wine, which you will never find in supermarkets to buy! Take your time to try as many as you want under the view of Attaviros mountain.

    After a wine tasting we invite you have a lunch and to try local delicatessens, such as "tyrocrocketes", "pitaroudia", "anthus" and many more. Combined with a local wine it will leave you unforgettable memories.

    Departure information

    Departure: Every day at 14:00.
    Return: 21:00.

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    Payment: You do not need a credit card to book this tour. Once you will make a booking online, you will get a booking confirmation/voucher to your email. You will pay all the amount for the tour, on the tour day.

    Cancelation: You can cancel the tour one week before the tour date. In order to cancel the tour, please send us an email to

    Tour conditions: The food is not included in price. Wine tasting is included in the price.

    Transfer from your hotel and back is included in the price. When booking, please write on the comments section your hotel's name, and we will come to pick you up from there. 

    This is a private tour for up to 4 persons. Recommended as a date for two couples, or one family with two children.

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